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The University of Houston Bauer College of Business is presenting 3 courses this fall! Taught by Founder and CXO Elizabeth Frisch! This is your opportunity to register now! See Descriptions below.

Meet Elizabeth Frisch

Elizabeth Frisch is Founder and CXO of The Thrival Company and Training That Does Not Suck. She will be your trainer for these courses. Spending more than 25 years of leading, teaching, designing, and coaching engineering, environmental, and organizational development programs, Elizabeth realized that there were common individual and cultural practices used that determined whether an initiative was successful or not.
Loving the challenges of broad social change and making people’s big ideas a reality, these observations inspired her to develop a series of leadership practices which she uses to empower individuals into leadership. Her clientele are diverse, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, non-profits and the U.S. Military. She is a keynote speaker and best-selling author and passionate team builder in divisive environments, speaking on topics of leadership, behavior change, social evolution, and innovation,
Elizabeth brings an honest, insightful, broad-reaching and often humorous perspective on human nature and the behaviors we adopt that save us or sink us. 

Elizabeth Frisch

The Eight Levels of Cultural Competence.

The Eight-Levels of Cultural Competence is one of The Thrival Company’s flagship workplace professional development programs. Part head, part heart and all about honoring what makes us each unique while simultaneously finding understanding and common ground to drive high performance. The methods taught here create empowerment and freedom for every employee no matter what their background, education, age, or time of service on the job. This program was developed originally to help Chief Financial Officers successfully lead diverse teams in office and in remote work environments and was rapidly expanded to encompass all leaders whether they hold the formal title or not.


Solving Problems Permanently.

The ability to solve problems permanently versus continually place ‘band-aids’ on issues is an essential tool to have as a skill set for any effective people manager, organizational leader, internal auditor or project/program manager to master as an essential skill set to be successful in those roles.
Through this course, you will learn the most common methods to use system thinking to address and simplify complex problems to support solutions.
This is a highly interactive course with impactful customized exercises that ensure the attendees come back to their organizations ready to tackle pervasive problems newly and effectively.

Change Yourself, Change Others.

This course is based on best-selling author, Elizabeth Frisch’s private leadership retreat, Change Yourself, Change Others —Mastering Your Own Behaviors So You Can Shift Others. At work, at home, in your relationships…it is so easy to find fault in others and criticize others for their inability to change.
This fun, engaging course turns all of your pre-conceived notions of why people do not change on their head and provides eight critical practices to shifting your own behaviors so you can powerfully shift others. Organizationally, building a team that masters these practices ensures an unstopping, quick-shifting, ever-learning organization that will not stagnate nor fail to innovate in ever-changing economic and cultural times.

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